Monitor all of your competitors' marketing efforts in one place

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Easily track your competitors' marketing strategy

Continuously monitor their marketing activities

Social media
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • New posts and updates
  • Profile likes, followers, subscribers
  • Content engagement
  • Competitive context
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  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads
  • Current and new ads
  • Track Google Ads keywords
  • Ads creatives
  • Ads history
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  • Google
  • Keywords rankings
  • Visibility - new and lost keywords
  • Position changes report
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Website changes
  • HTML and JS rendering
  • Content changes
  • Visual changes comparison before/after
  • New pages detection
  • A/B testing detection
  • New blog articles/news
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Track Your Competitors. Build a competitive advantage.


See what your competitors post and publish. Get fresh ideas for your content.

Compare your strategy

See how your efforts are holding up when compared to your competitors.

Reveal their marketing secrets

Is there anything your competitors don't want you to know? Find out.

See what they are planning

What your competitors publish can reveal what they're up to next.

Stay ahead

Know as much as possible to stay one step ahead of your competition. Differentiate yourself.

Don't miss out

It's a terrible feeling when you find out a few years too late that you could've been marketing your company so much more efficiently.

Get actionable insights conveniently.

Save time

Many marketers spend up to 30% of their workweek gathering competitor intel. Our tool does that for you automatically.

All data in one place

Get insights on a company's whole digital footprint in one dashboard.


Get alerted every time your competitors make a move. You can also get a weekly summary of their actions.

Track all major social media channels in one place

See every new post understand what content gets the most engagement. Get updates from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Never miss an important competitors' move. Get notified every time they post content.

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See what ads they are running

Discover and monitor your rivals' PPC campaigns. Use the intel to improve or create your PPC strategy.

Get insights on ads from Google search results, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

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Analyze organic search results

Track all of your opponents' keywords and rankings. Follow any new and lost ones.

Get a comprehensive report on position changes. Estimate what traffic they get. Discover their SEO strategy.

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Monitor every website change

Track all the new pieces of content your competitor publishes on their website. Check if they do A/B testing.

See how well their website is optimized. Compare Google Page Speed results.

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Start monitoring your competitors

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